I am a reliable and enthusiastic web developer with experience of building bespoke websites and applications for a variety of clients across a range of industries such as finance, digital marketing and real estate. I am self motivated and can work independently on projects in addition to working as part of a team and strive to maintain high performance, scalability and quality within all of the work I carry out.

I have solid experience in building dynamic websites & applications using MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter which is coupled with excellent front end experience, allowing me to be able to build feature rich interfaces using CSS, jQuery and AJAX.

During my spare time I am always looking to improve my skill set where possible to enable me to keep up with some of the latest technologies so that I can continue to develop within any role I undertake.

Languages and Preprocessors
Object-Oriented PHP5/7, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, SASS, LESS, HTML, XML and Hack.
Libraries & Frameworks
CodeIgniter, jQuery, Gulp, Bootstrap, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Laravel and PHPUnit.
Version Control
Atom, Sublime Text, NetBeans
Photoshop, JIRA, Bitbucket, Github, Wunderlist
MVC Architecture, PHP Design Patterns (Facade and Adapter)

I have worked previously with Chris for over a year and consider him to be a very capable developer.

Chris is more than capable of taking a project from start to finish and his experience covers a range of technologies including PHP, MVC, Javascript, HTML & CSS. Chris also has plenty of experience with things like version control and project management tools.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to work on your project.

Erroll Roberts, Freelance Web Developer

At Bank of America I am responsible for the development of the public website for MBNA and the company’s internal systems. Since becoming the senior developer on the team I take the lead on some projects from a development perspective and by attending the requirement meetings with the rest of the business. My main responsibilities in this role are:

  • To develop new and maintain existing code for the company’s applications.
  • Perform website releases that are usually done on a monthly basis and ensure that new code has gone from staging to production with no issues.
  • Write and peer review technical specifications that have been written by myself or my colleagues for new jobs that have been briefed into the team.
  • Peer review work completed by my colleagues and help educate them with the development of their skill sets.

In my spare time I do additional work on a freelance basis working on a range of bespoke projects from different industries; I use these opportunities to sharpen my skills and to try out different approaches and technologies that I may not have an opportunity to use in my usual 9-5 role. For most projects I undertake these are the common things I usually do:

  • Keep all code within version control (GIT) so I can track all changes that I make.
  • Each project has its own repository in Bitbucket and any issues that are found are imported into Bitbucket issue tracker for that particular project.
  • Develop all applications using a PHP MVC framework (I usually use CodeIgniter as I have written a lot of libraries and core extensions for it already).
  • Use JavaScript task runner tools such as Gulp or Grunt to compile stylesheets written using CSS preprocessors such as LESS or SASS and to concatenate multiple JavaScript files into one.

At RedEye I worked in the technical team to improve and maintain the company’s internal software. My duties in this role are:

  • Designing and coding solutions using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP.
  • Delivering development solutions using the Company's best-practice procedures and processes.
  • Working closley with internal customers and the Company's Development Team to capture business requirements and resolve technical issues.

Working by myself and with colleagues to build bespoke websites based on the clients requirements. I also maintained existing websites implementing new features and bug fixes.

  • Building dynamic database-driven websites based on a specification with the CodeIgniter PHP framework.
  • Develop interactive client side features with the jQuery JavaScript framework.
  • Use GIT version control to manage my code as well as JIRA to manage project tasks and Bitbucket for repositories.
  • Testing code across different browsers to ensure it meets user requirements.
  • Ensure client websites are running smoothly improving performance where necessary.

If you want to get in touch with me please send me a message or you can email me directly to chris@chrispynegar.com and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.